About Us


Who we are

Ordinary. No major phobias, but hate crowded beaches and avoid big resorts. Too old for hostels, but a clean room with a shower is nice to have. Eat just about anything. Beer and wine kind of people, however deviations are allowed. Didn’t quit the jobs or pawn any valuables to travel. That’s us. 

What we do

Places Happen was created as a visual platform to inspire people to discover and explore exciting places around the world. We want to give you a glimpse of our adventures and experiences though photos and bring you along on our journeys – from the world’s most iconic places to hidden jungle paths and secret corners of our neighborhood.

We believe in the saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And while some words are needed to set the scene, we aim to paint the picture through photography.

Our project is open to everyone. You are welcome to share places that inspire you – whether it’s the streets of your hometown, a hike through your favorite forest trail or an ancient civilization you explored while traveling.

Submit a place

Interested in contributing? You can submit your place here. Have more questions? Feel free to drop us a line.