Spread the love of travel and share a place with the fellow globetrotters! Whether it’s your favorite city, a beach you fell in love with several years ago or your neighborhood’s secret corners – we would love to hear about it!

Your post will include your bio and will be linked to your website and/or social profiles so our readers can follow your travels and connect with you. And most importantly, you will inspire fellow travelers to discover the places you love!

Contribution Guidelines

1. Introduce the place you are submitting (minimum 200 words).

2. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – please include at least 7 photos with your submission. Images should be in JPEG format and at least 1920px wide.

3. Each photo should include a caption/description of at least 75 words to tell a story about the place.

4. DO’s and DON’Ts:

   – DO share a place (beach, trek, city, neighborhood, café

   – DO tell a story

   – DO include interesting facts and useful information

   – DO use relevant titles and links if applicable

   – DO submit only your own original photos that you own the rights to

   – DON’T submit duplicate, previously published content

   – DON’T include self-promotion or advertising

   – DON’T use a diary or self-reflection writing style when submitting a place

   – DON’T submit random assortment of your vacation pictures

5. We reserve the right to edit your submission to improve overall fit/writing/information.

6. We do not offer a payment for your submission, however you will receive travel karma points for your next trip.

What happens after you submit a place?

1. We will review your submission.

2. If your contribution meets the guidelines above, the place will be posted on website.

3. The post will be credited to the contributor and will include a backlink to their website and/or social profile as well as the author’s bio.

4. The post will be shared on PlacesHappen social profiles to spread the love of travel!

  • Please describe the place: what, where, why, etc. (min 200 words)
  • (May be more than one category)
  • Photos of the Location

    Please upload minimum 7 pictures of the place you are submitting. Include captions to help you tell the story.
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words
  • Min 100 words