Top Tours in Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, where the only thing more ubiquitous than acai bowls and aspiring actors is the endless sprawl of must-see attractions, charting your own course can feel like navigating a minefield of tourist traps with only a selfie stick for guidance. But fear not, we’ve curated a list of top tours in LA that slice through the fluff and offer you the crème de la crème of the must-visit experiences. Imagine sneaking behind the scenes of blockbuster hits at Warner Bros Studios, where the secrets of cinematic magic are as closely guarded as the recipe for the perfect green smoothie. Or stepping into the fantastical world of Universal Studios, where reality bends and your favorite characters step out of the screen to greet you. Perhaps you’re craving a bird’s-eye view of the city’s glitterati; a helicopter flight over Beverly Hills and Hollywood promises gossip-worthy aerial views without the paparazzi chase. And for those who prefer their stars of the aquatic variety, the Aquarium of the Pacific awaits to plunge you into the depths of the ocean, no wetsuit required. Welcome to LA, where the tours are as varied as the playlists of the city’s myriad Uber drivers. Let’s dive in.

Top Tours and Tickets in LA, California

Why it's a good idea to book tickets and tours in advance?

Securing your tour spots and tickets online before your Los Angeles adventure offers a multitude of benefits that savvy travelers can’t afford to ignore.

  1. Firstly, it sidesteps the disappointment of arriving at your dream destination only to find it fully booked, a common scenario at high-demand attractions like Warner Bros Studios or a helicopter flight over Beverly Hills.
  2. Pre-booking often comes with the added advantage of snagging a better deal, as many attractions offer discounts for early birds.
  3. It saves not only money but also time, allowing you to bypass those daunting queues and spend more moments actually enjoying the sights.
  4. Most of the tours offered by our travel partner offer free cancellation, a perfect option in case your plans change,

In a city that moves at the speed of light, having your itinerary locked down in advance means you can navigate your day with the confidence of a local, minus the uncertainty that typically accompanies on-the-spot planning. Booking ahead is your ticket to a smoother, more relaxed Los Angeles experience, leaving you free to soak in every moment without the worry of what’s next on the agenda.


Top 4 Tours in LA (that you shouldn't miss)

1. Universal Studios Hollywood: Ticket with Easy Cancellation

Universal Studios Hollywood
Dive into the heart of cinematic adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood, where a regular general admission ticket unlocks a full day of entertainment, from exhilarating rides and captivating shows to immersive attractions. For those looking to maximize their day and minimize wait times, the Universal Express Ticket is a game-changer, offering one-time express access to rides, attractions, and priority seating at select shows, alongside general park admission. Ensure your spot by booking in advance to enjoy popular experiences like the insider’s peek of Hollywood’s most iconic backlot on the World Famous Studio Tour, the spellbinding enchantment of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the heartwarming thrills of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. With something for everyone, Universal Studios Hollywood is your ticket to exploring the best of Hollywood’s entertainment in one unforgettable day and it takes the top spot on our ” Best Things to Do in LA” list.

Why book in advance:

  • Lower price
  • Easy and free cancellation
  • This ticket includes a second day of admission to the park free for the price of a 1-day ticket. This is only available for customers located outside the US and Canada at the time of purchase.
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2. Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour

Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour

Take to the skies for a thrilling helicopter tour over Beverly Hills and Hollywood, offering a peek into celebrity lifestyles paired with captivating stories shared by your knowledgeable pilot. Starting at Burbank Airport, conveniently located near Universal and Warner Bros Studios, guests are invited to check in 30 minutes prior to takeoff for a smooth start to their aerial adventure.

Ascending from Burbank, you’ll glide over the Hollywood Hills and across the expansive LA basin, catching unique glimpses of Universal Studios, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and more, from an exclusive aerial perspective. Fly past the iconic Hollywood Sign for a photo opportunity unlike any other, then circle over Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon, neighborhoods rich in musical history and home to celebrities past and present. Marvel at the opulent estates of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, including the $90-million mansion of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Equipped with noise-canceling headphones, every passenger enjoys a front-row seat to the pilot’s fascinating commentary during this unforgettable journey. Enhance your experience by opting for a private tour or choosing the sunset option, adding a breathtaking sunset view to the already spectacular flight.

Why we like this tour:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • You can opt for a private helicopter tour
  • Sunset tour available for an extra fee
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3. Los Angeles: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Los Angeles: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Embark on a fascinating journey through the 110-acre Warner Bros. Studio, the birthplace of iconic films like Argo and Batman, and immerse yourself in the world behind the scenes of beloved movies and TV shows. This guided tour offers an intimate glimpse into the magic of cinema, from the gravity-defying feats of Gravity to the friendly confines of the Friends set. Dive into Stage 48: Script to Screen, a dynamic interactive soundstage that unveils the filmmaking process, from initial scripts to the final screen. Here, you can step into the shoes of your favorite characters, whether it’s sipping coffee at Friends’ Central Perk or soaring on Harry Potter’s broomstick for a spellbinding photo op. The adventure continues with exclusive merchandise at the Studio Store, themed dining experiences at the Central Perk Cafe amidst iconic set recreations, and the chance to explore the worlds of the DC Universe and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, complete with a Hogwarts house sorting ceremony. This tour is your all-access pass to the heart of Hollywood’s storytelling magic.

Why book in advance:

  • Free cancellation in case your plans change
  • Skip-the-line entry
  • Reserve now & pay later
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4. Aquarium of the Pacific Skip-the-Line Entry

LA: Aquarium of the Pacific Skip-the-Line Entry

Embark on an enlightening expedition at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Los Angeles, where skip-the-line access swiftly ushers you into a world of aquatic wonder. Spanning ecosystems from the sunny shores of Southern California and Baja to the icy depths of the Northern Pacific and the vibrant reefs of the Tropical Pacific, this journey under the sea reveals the planet’s most diverse marine life. Encounter the ocean’s fiercest predators in Shark Lagoon, feed vivid lorikeet birds by hand, and observe the playful antics of Magellanic penguins. Dive deeper with Pacific Visions, an exploration of the ocean’s mysteries and future prospects, anchored by the immersive Honda Pacific Visions Theater. Here, an 8-minute multisensory film on a massive 180-degree screen envelops you in the underwater world. Don’t miss the “Babies!” exhibition, a heartwarming showcase of the Aquarium’s newest and cutest inhabitants, from sea otters to sea jellies and beyond, highlighting the crucial role these young creatures play in the conservation of their species and our oceanic ecosystems.

Why book in advance:

  • Free cancellation in case your plans change
  • Skip-the-line entry so you have more time to explore
  • Bring your parking ticket into the Aquarium for an $8 all-day parking validation
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