COVID-19 Travel Restrictions State by State

Vaccination effort is picking up speed throughout the United States, however the pandemic is still not fully under control. At the moment CDC advises delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated. The situation is fluid, some states report a decrease in coronavirus cases and relax travel restrictions while some places still have specific travel requirements to curb the spread of COVID-19. If you do decide to travel, it is important to know the most up-to-date information relating official regulations and guidelines. Even if traveling to your destination is allowed or you are fully vaccinated, you should still review the most recent state guidelines (e.g. mask wearing rules) before you set off.

We will not rewrite the statewide rules here, information that is true today might be outdated tomorrow. Instead, here is a list of websites where you can find the most recent information regarding travel restrictions and other COVID-19 related guidances in each state.

Coronavirus Travel Resources by State


Sweet Home Alabama – The Official Travel Site of Alabama


Safe Travels – Traveler Information from Department of Health and Social Services


Visit Arizona – COVID-19 Updates for Travelers



Visit California – Travel Alerts

Local California Travel Sites – List of regional resources 


State of Colorado – Colorado COVID-19  Travel Information

Colorado Tourism Office – Current tourism landscape in Colorado


Connecticut’s Official State Website – Travel Advisory for Connecticut During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Visit Delaware – Things to do before traveling to Delaware


Florida COVID-19 Response – Coronavirus Information for Travelers



Safe Travels Hawaiʻi – The State of Hawai‘i Safe Travels program


Visit Idaho – COVID-19 Travel Information


State of Illinois – Actions to Combat a Resurgence of COVID-19

City of Chicago – Emergency Travel Order (Different from the rest of the state)


State of Indiana – Indiana’s Novel Coronavirus Response


Travel Iowa – COVID-19 Traveler Information


Kansas Department of Health and Environment – Travel & Exposure Related Isolation / Quarantine guidelines


The official Team Kentucky page – Travel Advisory concerning COVID-19


Louisiana Travel Association – COVID-19 Resources


Visit Maine – Traveler Guidelines

Division of Disease Surveillance – Mandates for Those Entering Maine



Visit Maryland – MD Travel Updates: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Commonwealth of Massachusetts – COVID-19 Travel Advisory


State of Michigan – COVID-19 resources

Pure Michigan – Guidelines for travelers


Explore Minnesota – Coronavirus information

Minnesota Department of Health – COVID-19 resources


Visit Mississippi – COVID-19 Travel Alert


Missouri Division of Tourism – Missouri travel updates


Visit Montana – COVID-19 info and travel updates


Visit Nebraska – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for Travelers


Nevada Health Response – Travel advisory for Nevada

New Hampshire

Visit New Hampshire – What to know before you go

New Hampshire Safe at Home – Information for out-of-state Visitors

New Jersey

State of New Jersey -Travel restrictions to or from New Jersey

New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Health – COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions & Recommendations

New York

New York State – COVID-19 Travel Advisory

New York
New York

North Carolina

North Carolina – COVID-19 Travel Resources

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health – Travel Information for North Dakota Travelers


Ohio Department of Health – COVID-19 Travel Advisory


Oklahoma State Department of Health – Travel Advisories


Travel Oregon – COVID-19 Travel Information


Pennsylvania Department of Health – COVID-19 Information for Travelers

Puerto Rico

Travel Safe Puerto Rico – COVID-19 Traveler Information

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Health – Travel Information for Residents and Visitors

South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Health and
Environmental Control – COVID-19 Information for Travelers

South Dakota

Travel South Dakota – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for Travelers


Tennessee Vacation – Tennessee Travel information 


Travel Texas – Health Tips, Safety Precautions and Resources

State of Texas – COVID-19 Resources For Industry Partners



Visit Utah – COVID-19 Traveler Information

U.S. Virgin Islands

Visit U.S. Virgin Islands – USVI Travel Advisory


Health Vermont – Information for Travelers


Virginia Department of Health – Travel-related Requirements in Virginia

Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Travel Status Update

Washington State

Washington State’s official COVID-19 site – Information for Travelers & Commuters

West Virginia

West Virginia Tourism – COVID-19 Updates for West Virginia Travelers



Wyoming Department of Health – COVID-19 Orders and Guidance

How can you reduce the risk of getting infected while traveling?

  1. It goes without saying, that you should follow the general coronavirus advice. You should always wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash/disinfect your hands as often as possible.
  2. When traveling, always carry disinfectant wipes. Before you take a seat on a plane, wipe down the arm rests, seat belt, air nozzles and reading light switches.
  3. Avoid crowded places. Many touristic sites have reduced their visitor capacity, however it is recommended to avoid any places such as bars or streets with many people.
  4. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth or nose.
  5. Avoid dining/drinking inside restaurants and bars. Many studies have shown that it is easier to contract COVID-19 virus in poorly ventilated places. An air-conditioned restaurant might be tempting in a warm climate, but it’s not worth the risk. After all, you are on vacation, so why not enjoy some fresh air.
  6. Always carry with you a hand disinfectant and use it as often as possible. It is especially important in places where washing your hands regularly might not be possible due to lack of facilities. Make sure to use hand sanitizer that contains more than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol. According to CDC, that’s the minimum level needed to kill most corona viruses.
  7. Consider staying in self-catered accommodation. Limiting unnecessary contact with other travelers and staff can reduce your chances of catching coronavirus.
  8. Never travel if you are sick, have recently been tested positive with COVID-19 or had contact with someone who was diagnosed with coronavirus.
  9. For more information on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic visit the CDC website.